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19 Apr 2024 15:24

Asia Business Council: Minister Airlangga Ensures Indonesia's Commitment to Accelerate Economic Development by Ensuring the Continuity of Structural Reforms and Enhancing Competitiveness

The Asia economy is projected to be quite robust in the future despite facing a global economic environment that must contend with current geopolitical turmoil. The conflicts occurring in the Middle East are expected to affect the supply chain of several export and import commodities worldwide. This will also impact the growth in emerging Asia, which is estimated to decrease from around 5.6% in 2023 to 5.2% in 2024.

26 Jul 2023 07:52

The Second Meeting Of The Joint Committee On Economic Cooperation (JCEC-2) Republik Indonesia-Republik Korea

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of the Republic of Korea held the 2nd Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation (JCEC-2) meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea (24/7). The main agenda of the meeting was to follow up on the Indonesia-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK-CEPA), which has been effective since January of this year.

10 Jun 2023 13:30

PENAS Farmers-Fishermen XVI-2023: Coordinating Minister Airlangga Presents Concrete Efforts to Improve the Welfare of Farmers and Fishermen

Adequate food availability plays an important role in the life of a nation and makes it one of the Government's top priorities in formulating policies. By prioritizing programs to increase the availability, access, and quality of food consumption, the Government has made Food Security an important aspect of the 2022-2024 National Development Agenda.

09 Jun 2023 21:00

Continuously Developed, the Indonesia National Single Window System Became A Nationally Integrated Public Service Backbone

The transformation of technology-based public services in the export and import sectors needs to be continuously accelerated, particularly triggered by demands for efficiency in public services both domestically and internationally. The initiation of development and construction of a nationally integrated electronic system in the export and import sectors has also begun through the Indonesia National Single Window (INSW) system.

10 May 2023 18:10

President Jokowi Invites the Business World to Collaborate in Realizing ASEAN as a Center for Economic Growth

ASEAN has proven that thanks to collaboration, cooperation, and synergy between the Government and the business world, it has proven capable of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the region and globally over the past two years. However, the challenges ahead are still very heavy, such as geopolitical risks and the condition of several financial institutions in the United States and Europe which are still full of dynamics.

10 May 2023 18:06

On the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit, Coordinating Minister Airlangga Discuss-es Strengthening Palm Oil and Rubber Cooperation with the Malaysian Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry

Indonesia's economic growth in the first quarter of 2023 was recorded at 5.03% (yoy) whereas the agricultural sector grew by 4.73% (yoy). Meanwhile, the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries sectors contributed 0.04% of national GDP growth. The performance of this sector is shown by the achievement of an export value of USD 1.09 million and contributing 1.62% to total exports during the first quarter of 2023.