1st Sherpa Meeting Indian G20 Presidency, Marking the Start of Indian Presidency towards One Earth, One Family and One Future

10 Dec 2022 21:26



1st Sherpa Meeting Indian G20 Presidency, Marking the Start of Indian Presidency towards One Earth, One Family and One Future

Udaipur, 9th Desember 2022

The 1st Sherpa Meeting of India’s G20 Presidency, chaired by G20 Sherpa Shri Amitabh Kant, was commencing in the historic city of Udaipur, a city located in Rajasthan State. The four-day gathering (04-07 December 2022) of the Sherpas of G20 Members, invited countries and International Organizations, set the stage for key conversations on some of the most pressing issues of this time, divided into 5 sessions which are technological transformation, green development and LiFE(Lifestyle for Environment), spotlighting women-led development, accelerating implementation of the SDGs, facilitating inclusive and resilient growth, and multilateral reforms.

The first Sherpa meeting offered the delegates a unique ‘Indian experience’ through cultural performances, art exhibitions, and excursions to various destinations including locations such as the Kumbhalgarh Fort - a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Ranakpur Temple Complex. Matching with Indonesia Presidency, India also hosted Sherpa’s Talk or called by Chai pe Charcha discussing their ways forward on shared concerns as well as to foster deeper relationships and enhance the contribution of G20 as a whole.

Discussions of the 1st Sherpa Meeting were initiated by India’s G20 Sherpa through an overview of India’s G20 priorities across our 13 Working Groups and brief exposure of Finance Track. The Sherpa highlighted India’s role in providing a greater voice to the Global South, and utilizing its G20 Chairship to forge win-win collaborations between developing countries and advanced economies.

Indonesian Delegations consisted of the Coordinating Ministry Economic Affairs (Edi Prio Pambudi / Co-Sherpa G20 Indonesia (Head of Delegation), Ferry Ardiyanto / Co-Sous Sherpa G20 Indonesia and Arrozaq Ave) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the occasion, Indonesia appreciated the linkage and continuity from Indonesia G20 Presidency and highlighted several important agreed issues on the Bali Summit. Indonesia also underlined the weightiness of concrete deliverable as the lead of example from G20 members for the world.

Edi Prio Pambudi said as Troika, Indonesia will support India in every possible way to a robust and successful G20 India Presidency. Like in the Bali Summit, the India focus especially in digital transformation is the key to the future of the global economy and to accelerating global recovery. Regarding current issues and likeliness of national interest, Indonesia also supports the creation of new working groups under the Indian G20 Presidency. There are some predominant new working groups such as Disaster Risk Resilience and Reduction Working Groups, Culture Working Groups and Startup 20. Indonesia initiatives during our Presidency also continue this time like Digital Economy Working Groups.

Although some members still raised several global impediments to economic growth, delegates underscored the importance of attaining resilient growth through long-term solutions and meaningful partnerships. The discussion was also addressing the importance of multilateral reforms, SDGs achievement, issues on food, fuel and fertilizer.

By the end and rounding up the fruitful deliberations of the past three days, India’s G20 Sherpa highlighted focal areas of discussion and stressed the need to reinforce collective action of the G20 nations. The overarching theme of India’s Presidency — Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - One Earth. One Family. One Future - resonated throughout the proceedings.

After two days of substantive discussions and excursion, the first Sherpa meeting of India’s G20 Presidency came to an end. The meeting saw full and active participation by G20 Members, 9 Guest countries and 14 International Organizations. The next meeting will be held in Cochin, Kelara, India around March 2023. The meeting will discussed of the progress of action-oriented decisive agenda which expected has been discussed in forthcoming meeting in different G20 workstreams including Sherpa Track, Finance Track and Engagement Groups along the way(ave/fa/dep7)


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